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Randel's Lawnmower Equipment Sales & Services

Randel's Lawnmower Equipment Sales & Services

1499 Salem Rd., Beaufort, SC 29902
(843) 271-6966 Call Now for a Wright Demo!


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Call or Visit Randel's Lawnmower Equipment Sales & Services Today! (843) 271-6966

Stop in and check-out first-hand what we have to offer including the new The New Stander Intensity™.

The Stander I mates an extra-compact stand-on mower with outstanding weight distribution for un-matched handling. Its free-floating AERO CORE™ deck delivers unparalleled cut quality in any mowing environment. And its standing foot platform with elastopolymer bumpers absorbs rough terrain for a smooth, comfortable ride. The new Intensity is the perfect machine to improve your productivity and efficiency.

Best of all, this new family member has all the benefits of the Stander® Line and places your center of gravity at your feet, not your seat. You use your weight to keep traction on the higher wheels and cross slopes at speeds no other mower can handle, so you mow faster, with greater control, and without any need to switch to a walk-behind.

It's made right here in the USA.


Special Wright Features Include:

  • Rugged and durable with deck sizes of 32", 36", 42", 48", 52" and 61"
  • Available in multiple power configurations ranging from 16HP - 31HP
  • Driven from a standing position - enable quick shifting of weight by the driver
  • Mows faster than a traditional walk-behind mower with less user fatigue
  • Smaller size allows you to fit more mowers on a trailer
  • No seat, seat belts or armrests means you can easily step off
  • Outstanding control and handling for trim mowing 

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